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Autonomous Level 5: Doris' autonomous level 5 technology offers a revolutionary solution in marine cleaning, with excellent cleanliness and efficiency. Doris saves fuel by resolving optimum cleaning routes.

Real-Time Data Collection: Doris doesn't just clean up, she also protects the ocean. Supporting the vision of sustainable practices and marine ecosystem protection highlighted at COP28 by providing real-time data with state-of-the-art sensors.

Waste Classification: Doris's effective waste collection feature reduces the density of waste by making a significant contribution to sustainable resource management.

Water Quality Monitoring: Doris instantly detects marine developments and transmits this data to a real-time control panel, providing the opportunity to instantly manage operational cleanings and obtain database snippets.


Life cycle analysis: Based on Doris' life cycle analysis, the process from production to use and reuse is greatly intensified, resulting in a significant reduction in carbon footprint of 79.37% compared to traditional alternatives.

Environmental Impact: Doris' sustainable technology stands out for its growth impacts, such as protecting biodiversity, playing an effective role in combating climate change, and strengthening marine ecosystems.

Digital Product Passport: The ability to use Doris' attacks offers a highly effective tool, the 'Digital Product Passport', which will be indispensable in the future.

Carbon Footprint: Doris's lightweight and maneuverable design saves fuel. Doris helps conventional break rates consume 96% less fuel and significantly reduce carbon emissions. Doris is a technology that contributes to the goal of COP28 and the Paris exchange to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Sustainable Development Goals: Doris makes direct positive contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), improving water cleanliness (SDG 6), sustainable cities and settlements (SDG 11), climate change (SDG 13), and underwater life (SDG 14) at critical points. It plays a role. With its high-performance cleaning capacity and activity reduction features, Doris actively supports global sustainability

Project Visibility

Strategic Collaborations: Doris takes important steps in the field of sustainability by collaborating with GOOGLE, GCIP, and CISCO, which are strong business partners in the global arena.

Unity of Power: We want to offer solutions by displaying our partners' logos, highlighting their characteristics and natural contributions, and through strong collaborations. COP28 and the division of Paris have seen significant progress in tackling global climate change. These agreements include global consistency to achieve the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Doris is a technology designed to help achieve this goal.