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Banks and Doris

Doris Technology Features:

Doris S1 can operate remotely up to 10 km in oceans and seas.

It has various capabilities such as waste collection, real-time reporting, and algae, and mussilage collection.

Thanks to its lightweight and maneuverable design, it provides a 79.37% reduction in carbon footprint.

It is specially designed to strengthen marine ecosystems and protect biodiversity.

Sustainability Studies of Banks

Banks have increased their efforts in carbon reduction and sustainability to comply with the Paris Agreement and 2050 targets.

Private banks in Turkey aim to become carbon-neutral banks by 2025 and to reduce the impact of their loan portfolio on climate change by 2030.

It adopts various policies and strategies through sustainability committees, is evaluated on platforms such as CDP and Sustainalytics, and becomes a member of important initiatives such as UNEP FI.

Potential Relationship Between Doris and Banks

Doris's Environmental Impact:
Doris technology directly contributes to marine cleanliness, significant carbon footprint reduction, and the protection of underwater life.
Doris can achieve a remarkable 96% reduction in CO2 emissions, making it a highly eco-friendly solution.
Sustainable Finance and Loan Portfolios
Banks embracing Doris's sustainable technology can play a pivotal role in reducing their environmental impact and cultivating a sustainable loan portfolio.
Investing in environmentally conscious technologies like Doris aligns with responsible banking practices.

Financial Support for Technological Advancement:
Banks can contribute to a cleaner marine environment by supporting the advancement of Doris technology.

Environmental Friendliness in Comparison:
Doris stands out as a vehicle that is nearly 80% more environmentally friendly than traditional skimmers.
The adoption of Doris technology represents a substantial leap toward sustainable and responsible environmental practices.

Enhanced Monitoring for Water Resources:
Doris's technology ensures the monitoring and observation of 95% of ocean and water resources, directly contributing to the health and sustainability of water bodies.
The comprehensive monitoring capabilities of Doris lead to more informed environmental management decisions.