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A new line of vessels has been announced by IWROBOTX

A new line of vessels has been announced by IWROBOTX

A new line of vessels has been announced by IWROBOTX; a world leader in autonomous marine systems. The maker of the world’s first fully autonomous ocean clean vessel “Doris” will be launching a new line of autonomous marine research vessels.

The launch customer for the new line of autonomous research vessels will be a leading marine research institute in North America.

IWROBOTX manufacture autonomous marine vessels for ocean cleaning, marine research, naval, coast guard and offshore support vessels. Since the successful launch of “Doris” IWROBOTX has become the market leader in autonomous ocean cleaning vessels. Seeing the success of this platform in the ocean, municipalities have begun to use “Doris” for cleaning reservoirs, lakes, and rivers.

So far, the “Doris” platform has completed more than one hundred thousand miles in ocean and freshwater missions globally. This platform can also be equipped to clean oil and chemicals spills much faster than traditional methods. The faster deployment at a scene of a hazardous accident can mean the difference of whether the situation can be contained or become catastrophic. Quicker clean up time also helps return the ecosystem to normalcy faster and reduce the damage to marine and bird life.

The powerful AI system built by IWROBOTX can navigate vessels in complex areas such as ports, marinas and undertake multi goal missions with ease. Detailed location-based reports help better understand the source and the size of marine pollutions. This type of data help drives solutions faster than any previous methods and create awareness at local and global level.

IWROBOTX has been a frontrunner in achieving many Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, including #13 Climate Action and #14 Life Below Water. In addition, “Blue Carbon” projects benefit with the usage of the “Doris” vessel to clean the marine ecosystem. Climate change is contributing to algae blooms, marine mucilage and creating dead zones suffocating life under water in the ocean, river, and lakes. In such situations, "Doris" can be used to clean and restore the ecosystem. The solutions led by IWROBOTX are helping the green economy take shape and help restore a very damaged marine ecosystem heal better and faster.

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